Nov 16, 2017

Big Dumb Idiot Ep. #1 - Sun Bears

Welome to something new! Its news! and rambling...

Apr 3, 2017

Episode 15: Sh*t-Butt City

Welcome back! Join the group as the problems in Fairweigh come to a peak. Thanks to Tabletop Audio!

Mar 21, 2017

Episode 14: Not So Good Berries

Welcome Back to a very bloody episode of Group Therapy! The party enters the Arena of Fairweigh and proves their worth. Thanks to!

Mar 10, 2017

Inside the DM Studio 1

Welcome to an extra special episode! We recorded this a little while back and we hope you enjoy it! Join us as Bill (Pindar), Jess (Tavia) and I get a little sauced!

Mar 7, 2017

Episode 13: Sha-Na-Na-Na Knees, Knees

Welcome back to another episode of Group Therapy! The group concludes their stay in Chell and moves on to more mild climes. Thanks as always to Tabletop Audio!

Feb 14, 2017

Episode 12: You’re Gonna Rue SO Hard

Welcome back! The group finds themselves in cold water this time as they try to save the continent of Chell! Thanks again to! 

Jan 10, 2017

Episode 11: Wait, What?

Welcome back! We find the group surrounded by ice in a strange land! Here's hoping they can handle it! Thanks again for all your awesome work.

Dec 19, 2016

Episode 10: That Motley Crue Song

Welcome back! Merry almost Saturnalia! The group says their goodbyes to Kruven and heads to Chell, the arctic continent! What shenanigans await? Thanks to as always for fantastic ambiance!

Dec 6, 2016

Episode 9: Expositionville, USA

Welcome back! This time we join the group as they finally get to meet the Vehn! Ultimatums inbound! Thanks to!

Oct 29, 2016

Episode 8: Maximum Spoopy

Join the group this week for an extra spooky episode just in time for Halloween! Tulfan gets a little help dealing with something, the group makes it to Jamamros where they get to meet the High Elves! Special thanks to!

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